A vibrant and versatile dish, this speedy Asian stir-fry will have dinner on the table in no time.

Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts, thinly sliced 2 bell peppers, sliced 1 onion, sliced 1/4 cup soy sauce 2 tablespoons sesame oil

Instructions: Heat sesame oil in a pan and add chicken, cooking until browned.

Add vegetables and stir-fry until tender.

Pour in soy sauce and continue to stir-fry for a couple more minutes.

Speedy Asian Stir-fry is a whirlwind of taste and texture. The succulent chicken and crunchy vegetables, all enveloped in a tangy soy sauce, bring a touch of Asia to your table in just 20 minutes. It’s a quick, healthy, and flavorful dish that’s sure to impress.

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